General Terms and Conditions

  1. SCOPE

These General Terms and Conditions govern the access and use of the different contents and services included or accessible through the website developed by EULEN, located in the following address


  1. USERS

The use of the Website and any of its services attributes user such condition and the acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions without reserves of any kind, as well as of any other Particular Conditions that govern the use of the Website or its related services.

If user decides to decline total o partly these Conditions, he must refrain from accessing or making use the contents or services of the Website.



EULEN provides through the Website the following services:

  1. Information about EULEN, its services, products and facilities.
  2. Information about sectors where EULEN has presence.
  3. Interesting News summary
  4. Jobs and vacancies
  5. Training courses
  6. Catalogues of products and services.

EULEN reserves the right to remove, modify or increase, without notice, the provided services.



By accessing our website or any of its services, the user understakes to use such content diligently and correctly, in accordance with these terms and conditions, the law, the morality and public policy, and among other duties commits:

  1. Not to use the contents and the information obtained through this Website for direct sale or any other commercial purpose, or to collect or store personal data.
  2. Refrain from removing the identifying signs of intellectual or industrial property rights of EULEN, each of their companies or third parties appearing on the Website.
  3. Not to evade or manipulate any technical mechanisms of EULEN or third parties, whether on the Website or in any of the services, materials, items or information obtained through it, for the protection of their rights.
  4. Not to use or apply technical, logical or technological resources whereby users can benefit, directly or indirectly, with or without profit, with the unauthorized exploitation of the contents or services of the website.
  5. Not to enter, store or transmit through the Website or any of the services related to it, any software, data, viruses or codes. Refrain from carrying out activities that in any way could damage, disable, overburden or impair the website, the equipment, systems, networks, software, data or information from EULEN, its suppliers, or any user in general and any third party.
  6. Be liable for any damages that EULEN, its employees, suppliers, customers, other users and third parties might suffer as a result of breach of these conditions or individuals that may apply to services related to the website, undertaking to indemnify EULEN, its employees, customers and suppliers from and against any claim, demand or penalty that may be made or imposed as a direct or indirect result of such failure.



The user acknowledges and accepts the rights of intellectual property in the website and the elements contained on it.

Without limitation, such ownership includes: the page itself, screens, information and material included therein, structure, selection, arrangement and presentation of content, computer programs, messages, graphics, drawings, sound files and / or images, photographs, recordings, computer software ('Software'), databases, technology, equipment, know-how, trademarks, service marks, logos, domain names, and in general, any kind of creation or material accessible through the website.

User acknowledges and recognizes the existence of third parties intellectual property rights over part of the above elements, which also is commited to respect.

The user can only download the contents, copy or print any page of this website for private use, provided that this does not infringe the copyright or any other right of EULEN. This authorization for private copying does not grant any license or right of use for the user.

Unless expressly authorized by EULEN or, where appropriate, third party owners, users may not reproduce, alter, modify, disassemble, reverse engineer, distribute, rent, loan, exhibit, transmit, broadcast, digitize, translate, adapt , make available or allow access to the public through any means of communication to any of the elements mentioned in the previous paragraphs.



Prior to the collection of data, EULEN shall expressly, precisely and clearly inform users of the existence of such a file and its purpose. Furthermore, users will be informed of their rights of access, rectification and cancellation, and of the identity and address of the individual responsible for data processing or his or her representative. To exercise such rights, users must send a signed, written request to: Calle Gobelas, 25-27, 28023 Madrid, protecció Such users request should include the following: name and address of individual user, correspondence address, photocopy of the user’s identity document and the purpose of the request.

To prevent the alteration, loss, misuse, unauthorized access or theft of personal data, EULEN has adopted the legally-required levels of security protection and has set in place the necessary technical means and measures. However, due to the global nature and character of the Internet, we must inform you that these security measures are not steadfast.

EULEN guarantees compliance with Organic Law 15/99 of the 13th of December, on the Protection of Personal Data. The fundamental aim of EULEN's collection of personal data is to provide users with a quality service over the Internet.



EULEN performs all necessary efforts to ensure the availability and continuity of the Website and the services related to it. However, EULEN can not guarantee that the Website and the services related to it work properly at all times, uninterrupted and error free. In the same way, the EULEN makes no warranty as to the suitability and content of the Website or any of the services linked to it to satisfy the specific needs of the user.

EULEN acts diligently according to general customs in the sector to avoid the presence on the Website or any of the services linked to it from viruses or other harmful elements that may damage the user's computer system, instruments electronic or files, but can not guarantee the absence of such elements. EULEN will not be liable for damages that may result therefrom.

EULEN does not control nor endorse or guarantee the accuracy, quality, reliability or suitability of the information and services offered or provided by third parties through the Website. Similarly, it does not control or guarantee the absence of viruses or other harmful elements in the contents or services offered or provided by third parties through the Website.

EULEN does not guarantee the availability, quality, reliability, accuracy or reliability of the content and services available on sites owned or operated by third parties that the user can access by technical link devices from the Website. EULEN does not control the content of such web sites or offers or sells the products and services available in the linked websites, nor shall accept any responsibility for them.



The persons or entities who intend to create hyperlinks from a web page from another internet portal to any of the pages of the EULEN  portal or have already done so will be subject to the following conditions:

  • Total or partial reproduction of services or content offered at is strictly prohibited.
  • Deep-links, IMG or image links and frames to or any of its pages is prohibited, except with express authorization of EULEN.
  • No false, inaccurate or incorrect statement will be entered on the website, nor on the services and contents contained therein.
  • Except those signs which form a part of the hyperlink, the web page in which it is established will not contain any brands, trade marks, business signs, company names, logos, slogans or any other distinctive signs belonging to EULEN, except with expressed authorization.
  • The establishing of any hyperlink will not imply the existence of any relation between EULEN and the title holder of the web page or portal from which such action is carried out, nor the knowledge and acceptance of the services and contents offered in aforementioned portal.
  • Under no circumstances will EULEN be liable for any content or service put at the disposal of the public in the web page from which the hyperlink is carried out, nor for the information and statements included therein.
  • Any hyperlink to the EULEN portal will be carried out to the main page or the main pages of the sections which it contains.            



All of the above terms and conditions are subject to Spanish Law. To settle any controversy that may arise from the services hereunder, EULEN and the user submit to the Courts of the town or city in which the user resides and expressly waive the jurisdiction of any other court. In the event that the user resides outside Spain, EULEN and the user submit to the Courts of Madrid (Spain), and expressly waive the jurisdiction of any other court.