Facility services

EULEN Management & Facilities Services integrates all services into a single process, developing and implementing innovative and customized solutions that will reduce costs while maintaining quality; in short, to be more efficient.

EULEN Management & Facilities Services manages its contracts through quality and service indicators, always supported by a computer system and a help desk that allows us to resolve issues in a timely manner, reporting all appropriate information to work under the philosophy of Continuous Improvement.

Facility Services:

> Cleaning
· Conventional cleaning
· Agri-food and pharmaceutical cleaning
· Industrial cleaning
· Cleaning and disinfection in hospitals
· Radiological and environmental
  protection service
· Environmental sanitation

> Security
· Security consultancy services
· Surveillance
· Security systems
· Airport security
· Maritime safety
· Travel safety

> Maintenance
· Integrated property maintenance
· Maintenance and installation of telecom
· Engineering, construction and
· Industrial maintenance
· Energy efficiency
· Elevator maintenance
· Electro-medical service

> Environment
· Gardening and works
· Conservation of green areas
· Special gardening work

> Other services
· Telemarketing
· Commercial services
· Customer service and information
· Etc